In Memory of Jim Fry, 05/16/59 – 8/8/18, Never Forgotten
Industry Icon – 40 Years!
President’s Award – 2017
I started working for Rick Cleveland in 1975 at Thermal Supply. I worked at Thermal Supply until 2000 and then started with FE Company in April 2000. I primarily work as an inside sales support person with some sales travel in Northern California. I help with commercial and industrial refrigeration. I have a son that is a chemical engineer in Montana, a daughter that is an Oncology Nurse in Indiana and I have one granddaughter. Golf and Booze are my passion; golf for relaxation and booze because of my job!

President & CEO
Presidents Award 2016
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I started in this industry in 1971, working for a small wholesaler named Thermal Supply, Inc. I was hired by the owners Al Lambeth and Jack Tupper, both good people who took a chance. I spent sixteen years there; first in the warehouse, then inside sales, outside sales, management, and finally control of growth ideas and planning.
I opened F.E. Company in 1987, having called on the same companies for ten years made my transition into being a manufactures representative relatively easy. My growth has been based on customer service, regardless of the nature, I take care of the customer in an extremely short period of time. Where others take days, I always took hours and if they took hours, I took minutes. I love this industry and most the people I have met that are a part of refrigeration. I am now blessed with a great team who should help the company grow to the next level.


Vice President
Presidents Award 2018
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A lifetime mentoring by our President, my father, and my best friend, Mr. Rick Cleveland. As a very young child, there was never a question in my mind that I would someday work for FE Company. In high school, while the other kids chose sports, wood shop and auto body for their electives, I started my education in a Head Start Program at Lake Washington Technical College taking HVACR classes in the Industrial Plant Maintenance program. After graduating high school, I continued my education at Refrigeration School Inc. (RSI). After completing my training with RSI, I left certified in electrical and mechanical and started my career with FE Company in 1997. Over the years, I have continued my education with factory direct training classes and have certifications with most of our factories past and present.
Now approaching my 20th anniversary with FE Company, I have been promoted to the Sales Director of commercial refrigeration and HVAC. My role also extends to the business side of the company where I oversee operations and information technology. I’m committed on a daily basis to improve our company’s efficiency in an effort to provide our customers with the best service in our industry.
My family and I are thankful for our loyal industry partners and the amazing team at Freezing Equipment Company.


Director Industrial Sales
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I started in Commercial Refrigeration in 1986 with Larkin Coil Atlanta Georgia. I was promoted to outside sales and moved to Chicago to take over the Midwest territory. In 1990, I was offered and accepted a sales position with F.E. Company in Kirkland, WA. With F.E. Company I managed Canadian Wholesaler branches from British Columbia to Winnipeg while also learning Industrial Refrigeration and supporting a select group of Industrial contractors in the Pacific Northwest. As they say the rest is history!


Industrial Support & Design
Presidents Award 2019
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As a young lad, I served my country in the US Army starting as a generator mechanic and ending as a Quick Reaction Force Team Leader with an E4 ranking. In 2001, I started as an industrial refrigeration operator and was promoted to Chief Engineer in 2006 for Columbia Colstor. In 2010, I started working for Freezing Equipment Company doing outside sales and continue to enjoy this, in fact, it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had!
I have an amazing gal and three little girls that I adore and are the highlight of my life. We enjoy spending time together engineering Legos.


Industrial Account Manager
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I have an honors degree from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo and am a registered Mechanical Engineer in the state of California. I spent the first twenty-two years of my career working for two large design-build Industrial Refrigeration Contractors providing custom industrial cooling and freezing solutions for customers all along the West Coast. My responsibilities during the first phase of my career included roles as an applications engineer, senior sales engineer and project manager. The latter half of my contracting work included leading my construction division that consisted of two offices of engineers, draftspersons, project managers, superintendents and clerical personal as well as managing my divisions P&L and other key performance indicators.

I have been with FE Company since 2012 where I endeavor to build and maintain genuine relationships with clients, the manufacture’s I represent and to contribute to client’s success leveraging my many years of hands on design and application experience. My focus is on customer service and high level of care providing timely and accurate information to clients. My responsibilities’ for FE Company include technical sales and support of GEA compressorized products and controls solutions, Hansen Technologies valves and controls, Kelvion heat exchangers, Grundfos/Paco pumps and Heatcraft commercial refrigeration products in Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

Outside of work, nothing brings me more happiness than spending time with my wife and two adult children, close friends and mentoring youths in my community through club soccer coaching and other charitable events.


Industrial Account Manager
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I started at HVACR Wholesale in 1990 as a warehouseman, moving quickly into Counter Sales. After working the counter, I was promoted to outside sales in 1996 where I remained for two years. I took over the branch manager position when it opened up in the Vancouver office for two more successful years. In 2000, I was asked to come back to the Portland market to help improve the refrigeration sales and after four years of successful growth, I was the promoted to Regional Sales Manager which I happily held until April 2013. Throughout those 23 years and holding every position available to me in the sales portion of the business I decided it was time to start another chapter of growth and learning. I worked directly with everyone at FE Company over the past 23 years and built great friendships and trust with them. I decided to join them April 15th 2013. I am now involved in all sales segments for the company, HVAC, commercial and industrial sales. My territory is Western Washington, Oregon & Southern Idaho.
I love all sports but mostly football. I coached, commissioned a league and officiated the game for many years. I have a son that played four years of college football and now is coaching at the collegiate level. I love cars, mostly classic cars and enjoy spending my weekends tinkering with them. I have two Boxers that are both awesome and royal pains in the ass, especially given I work from a home office!


Director of Commercial Sales
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I’ve been in the commercial refrigeration industry for over thirty-six years. Most of those years have been with other major refrigeration equipment manufacturers. In 2015, Rick Cleveland contacted me and asked if I would be interested in joining the “Best Manufacturer’s Rep Group” in the industry, Freezing Equipment Company, so it was an easy decision to make. My market is based primarily in California, with a handful of accounts in the neighboring states of the West Coast. My main focus is on the commercial side of the business, especially on the Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Division of Lennox International.
I come from a family of nine children, so getting along with each other was a lesson that had to be learned early on. It does get to be fun to have large family reunions these days. I was a Physical Sciences major in college. Realizing that I didn’t want to pursue a career in Physics for the rest of my life, I accepted a job in the refrigeration industry, never looking back. Refrigeration is now my life. My wife complains that whenever I walk into a store that has refrigeration, I am constantly opening the doors to check out the equipment being used.
My technical background has helped me understand the correct application of the products and to provide accurate information and advice to my clients. Product knowledge and good customer service are the keys to success in this industry. I am happy to be a part of this phenomenal team!


Business Manager
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I started my career at the ripe age of nineteen working for a small concrete equipment rep office in Kansas City, Kansas. I earned the top saleswoman award for most Power Curber’s sold as well as my entrepreneur badge.
Putting my entrepreneur badge to work my husband and I started a very successful commercial cleaning company Sparkle Building Maintenance, in our early 20’s that we later sold when moving to Washington in 1999. Spreading our wings yet again, we started a commercial auto detailing company, Platinum Auto Spa. Through hard work, dedication and word of mouth advertising we were very successful. We moved from Bothell to Maple Valley where we bought our home and sold the business.
I decided to pursue my dream of graduating from the University of Washington. I graduated with honors as a community psychologist with minors in business administration and human resources. My community psychology undergraduate was focused on environmental studies.
In 2008, I went to work for Johnson Barrow. I built the Mr. GoodTower Service Center and ran the parts department for 32 product lines. Parts was how I met Rick, Shane, Jim F and Jim Huckins. FluidTEK took on FE Company’s Evapco buy-resell parts for five years and I managed the part sales and accounting for all orders. Along with running the FluidTEK division and selling parts I attending Bellevue College earning my Project Management certificate. My career at Johnson Barrow/FluidTEK was a year shy from being a decade long and definitely a positive adventure that I am proud of.
I started working for FE Company January 2016 as a Business Manager putting to use my entrepreneurial background, industry knowledge and client relationships, as well as my project management skills.
My two-year-old son is the highlight of my life. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in 2016, something we are both very proud of. I am an avid hiker and have hiked all over the world. I love to travel, practice yoga, cook and relax in chill environments. A favorite adventure is backpacking across Europe with my husband!

Commercial Support & Design
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My career started at a small system manufacturer in 1995 at Delta Heat Transfer. I owe a lot of my success to Dave Laird and Rick Clack. I was hired as an electrician to wire refrigeration systems. Delta Heat was a small company which meant wearing many different hats. I learned how to weld, braise and in a short time I learned to build entire systems. With a background in electronics and programming I started programing rack controllers. I was quickly advanced to a start-up technician. I traveled to many different locations all over the United States going on start-ups for anything from single reciprocating compressors to 500 horse-power screw compressor rack systems.
From there, I moved into engineering where I designed a wide range of refrigeration systems while staying hands on with building systems and performing start-ups. In 2008, I joined Heatcraft in their Application Department. I assisted in system catalog product design and technical support. From that position, I moved to the cold storage department quoting and designing custom condensing units and parallel compressor systems. I then took an outside sales position for the West Coast and moved to the beautiful state of Washington where I currently reside with my wife and two beautiful children.
I look forward to a bright future with FE Company and know my 21 years of experience will only serve to strengthen what is the very best team in the industry.


Commercial Account Manager
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Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I had the privilege of learning commercial refrigeration from my father. Growing up you would find me on a job site with him working weekends or during my school vacations. At the age of 16, I followed this passion and started an apprenticeship. I completed my trade and worked with various companies to seek further experiences. A highlight of my career was building the first Minus 5 Ice Bar. Returning to the family business I could further my education to become an engineer in HVAC and Refrigeration & Project Management. In 2013, I moved to California and pursued this great industry. I have had great experiences and now in 2018, I have joined the FE Company family. I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to continue my career in an industry that I love.


Commercial Support Design
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I’m the son of a retired Captain in the Navy and a retired Registered Nurse. I primarily grew up in Virginia and moved to San Diego the summer before my senior year of high school when the Navy transferred Dad there for his next command. I went to college at San Diego State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Geography and then spent the next two years as a graduate student in the Geography Department focusing on spatial statistics, geographic information systems and remote sensing. In 1994, I moved to Oregon and spent the next 13 years developing environmental assessment models, new land cover mapping techniques and assessing the accuracy of remotely sensed data. In 2007, I changed careers and began working for a walk-in cooler manufacturer. I really enjoyed learning the fundamentals of refrigeration and its applications. Working with two great mentors, Shane Cleveland here at FE Company and my previous CEO, Rick Schermerhorn, I became the company’s go-to for refrigeration design and application. I have worked with, and learned from, many extremely knowledgeable refrigeration professionals over the years and look forward to continuing those relationships in my new role.


Industrial Support & Design
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Keith graduated the UA Local 364 apprenticeship program in 1987 as a certified journeyman refrigeration pipefitter. Working for a single industrial refrigeration contractor located in Southern California’s inland empire for 24 years. Later he moved to an industrial refrigeration screw and reciprocating manufacturer as the Western Region Sales Manager. Keith performed in this capacity for 5 years before moving into an equipment sales engineer position for the past 6 years. Keith and all his extensive 35 years of experience are a part of Freezing Equipment Co. Keith is a member of the sales team representing the finest industrial refrigeration equipment on the market. Keith brings extensive hands-on experience and knowledge providing benefits and insight to equipment applications and installation methods within our industry.


Industrial Account Manager
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“I started in the industrial refrigeration industry in 1995 for a small contractor at the time. We grew the company to over 130 employees over the next 21 years. I held positions from a begging apprentice to the Director of Engineering on the executive committee and everything in between. I then decided on a career change in 2016 where I spent a short time working directly for a manufacturer. After working around, and with quite a few of the team here at FE Company for many years, it was a no-brainer when I was asked to join them. It will be fun to keep helping quite a few clients that I’ve become friends with and to grow that circle even larger. In my off time, I really enjoy live music, time with friends and family and anything that has to do with off-road vehicles in the desert, or motorcycles, yeah that’s fun too. Heck, anything with a motor actually. “


Commercial Account Manager
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In 1980 after high school from the bay area, I went Phoenix to a trade school for refrigeration, a/c, solar and ammonia systems. After graduation I moved back to bay area to join a union contractor where I earned my journeyman in refrigeration.
I did a stint in the family business of mainframe computers but quickly decided my heart was in refrigeration.
I did meet my wife of 32 years in the computer industry. My wife is my best friend she has been there for my three bouts of cancer as well as our travel/family adventures.
I went back to refrigeration where I was in commercial, light industrial and supermarket refrigeration. Built warehouse panels and complete turnkey refrigeration warehouse systems.
After a transfer to Atlanta in 1995. I worked for the supermarket industry and then ten years at Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. Where I traveled while in roles in field service, troubleshooting, product support and engineering (Where I earned a patent).
I then did a ten-year engineering for an environmental chamber company for design build in the pharmaceutical industry. I liked being challenged with the complexities from design of systems and PLC based controls.
During this time, I got involved in following the European natural refrigerant movement making several trips to attend conferences. I could see it was a matter of time before it reached the US
I have traveled to many countries and 48 states with this industry. I have had the opportunity to see how much this industry touches so many aspects of our lives and industries.
In 2015 another transfer brought our family back to California. That is when I got into sales for Keeprite Refrigeration covering five states.
Shane Cleveland contacted me to join the FE Team. I’ve known FE as a strong company in our industry since my time at Heatcraft in the 90’s. The opportunity is a good fit for myself, my family and FE Company. The Team the Cleveland Family has put together, and their approach through customer service is why I chose to move to FE Company. January 2019, I Jointed FE Company
I love this industry and the opportunities there are in a transitional time for our industry. I look forward to those challenges to grow our customers and FE was well.


Order Support & Expedites
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I started my career in Commercial Refrigeration working part time after high school. I was initially hired to do filing and to mail out drawings. After high school, I was hired full-time and learned many other roles such as customer service, sales and applications. I have now been lucky enough to become part of a great team at FE Company. Working with this very knowledgeable team will help me expand my knowledge in the industry.

I am grateful for Eric, my other half who continually pushes me to be better.  We have two daughters, Andrea – 21 and Danielle – 19, who are both working and going to school. We also have our 9-year-old son Matthew who continues to keep us busy playing travel ball.

After hours, you can usually track us down at a baseball field or hanging out with family and friends having a few drinks.


Outside Sales
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I was always interested in science and found math easy, so I chose to go to the State University of New York at Buffalo for engineering and graduated in 1995 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I grew up just outside of Buffalo and saw state school there as a great value.
After university, I moved to southern Idaho and fell into a job at a frozen French fry plant. Soon after learning how to help run the plant as a production supervisor, I was promoted to the position of project engineer in a facility in Washington state. As a project engineer, I started to learn about ammonia refrigeration and system design. Also, during this time, I received my PE License in Washington state. (I am currently licensed in 4 states.)
My career at the potato processor had me spend time in positions of Refrigeration Supervisor, Corporate Project Engineer, and facility Engineering Manager. In these positions, my knowledge of system design and PSM requirements grew further, and at one point I wrote my own PSM program.
After 17 years with the food processing company, my career changed, and I started to work as a Sales Manager for a refrigeration contractor. It was a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the variety of systems, manufacturers and designs. It was a lot of fun to head into a different facility every day and offer an opinion of what I would do had it been my facility. I worked for the contractor for 6 years before looking for another opportunity.
My next opportunity was working directly for a coil manufacturer. My role was sales for light industrial and heavy commercial equipment on the west coast, although I was able to learn about all the applications of their equipment across industrial and commercial refrigeration, as well as process cooling and some HVAC applications. After 2 years with the coil manufacturer, I had the opportunity to work for FE Company and obviously made that move.
Away from work, I enjoy spending time with family, golfing and watching sports.

Vince Moffat


Commercial Account Manager
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I have been in and around the industry for over 40 years. I spent many summers and weekends growing up working with my father in the industrial refrigeration industry. I have been in the supermarket industry for over 35 years and have enjoyed working with and learning from some of the best people in the industry. I would like to say thank you to everyone that I have worked with in this industry!
I enjoy hunting, fishing, and just about any motorsports in my free time. I am excited about this next chapter in my career with FE Company and look forward to working on customer solutions with the FE Company team!